Boys Officiating Uniform Guidelines

Here is some guidance as you build your uniform:

It is worth noting that some sites do offer starter packages.

Hat: Black with white piping.

Shirt (short and long sleeve depending on weather): High School and Youth Lacrosse Officials currently wear 1″ stripes in short and long sleeve shirt. In case of poor weather, striped jackets may also be worn.

Belt: Black

Shorts: All black shorts/with belt loops. No cargo pockets.

Long Pants: Solid black with belt loops.

Shoes/Socks: Full black cleats or turf shoes. Solid black ankle socks, when wearing black shorts.

Whistle: Most prefer finger whistles, some use a lanyard from neck for face-offs and restarts.  Fox 40 is best practice sound.

Penalty Flags: Two yellow/gold penalty flags.

Scorecard: Lacrosse Officials scorecard.  Some are even cut to measure the head of a stick per rules requirements. Pencil: Small pencil for keeping track of important game information.  Most officials use a rubber band or something similar to keep it with the scorecard. 

Timer: High School and higher level youth games require us to keep track of the time it takes a team to clear the ball from their defensive half of the field, with a new possession, to their offensive half of the field in 20 seconds.  Boys officials use a timer.  Manufacturers make a small box worn on the belt.  By flipping a toggle switch it starts a 20 second timer that buzzes when 20 seconds elapses.  Some manufacturers even include 1 minute and 40 seconds on the timer to help with timeouts and quarter breaks.