GRALOA will have meetings to conduct official business, but most of our meeting time is spent on training. Attending GRALOA Training Meetings is a requirement for you to meet “Member In Good Standing” (MIGS) requirements. You must be a Member In Good Standing in order to be considered for post-season tournament assignments. However, the biggest reason to attend the meetings is the opportunity to better yourself as a boys lacrosse official in West Michigan and beyond. We hope you can join us as much as possible.

For our Training Meeting dates, there is typically a “New Official” meeting that begins at 6:00 pm. This is followed by the “All Officials” meeting at 7:00 pm.

“New Officials” would typically be officials in their first three years of boys lacrosse officiating; although, experienced officials are allowed (encouraged) to attend as well. These training sessions will focus on more basic topics, more along the youth rules, and two-person mechanics. The “All Officials” training will cover more advanced topics, high school rules, and usually both two-person and three-person mechanics.


  • To be announced.


Our annual scrimmage training event will be held on the Saturday before the high school games officially begin. This event is typically held at Grandville High School. Our goal is to get all officials on the field multiple times and to include some observations/evaluations/feedback.


Meetings and training events are a GRALOA member benefit.

If you are someone who is not a boys lacrosse official, but are interested in learning more about officiating, we invite you to attend one meeting to help you explore your options. Contact one of our board members for an invite to one of our meetings. (Contact information is on the CONTACTS page of this website).

If you are a current boys lacrosse official, but not a member of GRALOA, you would need to join our association in order to attend our meetings.

The Scrimmage Training Event is currently an exclusive event for GRALOA officials only. We hope to open this up to non-GRALOA officials in the future, with a registration fee to attend this clinic.