GRALOA Registration

The normal registration window for GRALOA members is June 15 to August 15. Registration is required each year. You can register after August 15, but there is a late fee for previously registered officials. To register, please complete our registration form, which will include payment information.

If you just need to pay your annual registration dues and have already completed the registration form, you can pay using this link.

MHSAA Registration

The annual MHSAA registration window is about the same as our GRALOA registration window. If you are a returning official, you will have to log-in to the MHSAA website. Log-in and complete your registration. If you have never been a registered official with the MHSAA, you will need to create a log-in and proceed from there. Here is the link to the MHSAA Officials Registration webpage.

Remember, to officiate boys lacrosse high school and/or middle school games (with schools that are MHSAA member schools) during the regular season in the West Michigan area, you must be registered with the MHSAA as a boys lacrosse official.

National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)

NASO is an organization that we recommend all officials join. The primary reason to join is for their insurance (medical and liability, but primarily liability). NASO insurance will cover you for any game you officiate in any sport, in any league, at any level. It keeps your insurance requirement simple. Belonging to NASO also subscribes you to Referee magazine.

USA Lacrosse (USAL)

GRALOA leadership encourages all our members to also belong to USA Lacrosse. The primary reasons to join USAL are:

  • There are an abundance of excellent training resources.
  • There is a certification program that will provide you with officiating credentials.
  • There is insurance for any USAL sponsored tournaments you do.
  • It supports the sport of lacrosse and shows your support by joining.

Other Organizations

  • You will need to have an Arbiter account in order to get scheduled (and paid). If you do not have an Arbiter account, please contact our Trainer (Luke Griemsman) or our Assigner (Scott Knoop). See the Contacts page for their contact information.
  • HUDL is a video resource for officials (as well as athletes, coaches, recruiters, etc.). We (GRALOA) are in the beginning stages of getting actual high school game film from our local schools for boys lacrosse. This will allow you to view game footage. We will also be posting training videos on HUDL. If you need a HUDL account or have questions about it, please contact our Trainer (Luke Griemsman). See our Contacts page for his contact information.