This page provides a few of the BEST PRACTICES & TRAINING RESOURCES that are out there. If you have suggestions for this page, please contact our Association Trainer, Luke Griemsman at:

“Syllabus” Training Videos The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association has some excellent training videos, especially for NEW OFFICIALS. If you are new to lacrosse, this is an excellent place to begin learning. Here are links to some of those training videos:

Rules (Youth)

Rules (NFHS/High School)

Rules (2022 Quizzes) Each of these quizzes consist of 5 questions. Answers are provided when you are done with the quiz. Rules references are provided. This is part of the self-study program. NOTE: Questions will be randomized and not in the same order each time you take the quiz.



Game Management



General Information

Another great source of training is actual game film, especially if you officiated that game. Our resource for that is HUDL. If you don’t have a HUDL account, or if that account isn’t tied in to our GRALOA videos, please contact our Trainer (Luke Griemsman).